Micawber’s Favorites – Thanksgiving Edition (November 18, 2017)

Here is Something to Mull for Thanksgiving – Life in U.S. is Far Better than in the Past by Jay Evensen at Deseret News

With all the bad news lately you might be wondering what you have to be grateful for as Thanksgiving approaches. Each new mass shooting, terrorist attack, or political scandal leaves us wishing for the “good old days.” But were the “good old days” really better than today? Statistics tell us that is simply not true. By just about every measure (poverty, health, crime, and violence) things are better now than ever before. It just doesn’t feel that way, largely because of the 24-hour world-wide news cycle. Thanksgiving is a great time to look at the big picture and pause to appreciate how good things really are in spite of ongoing problems.

The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen by Hans Rosling (TED Talk)

And it’s not just in the United States where things are better than in the past. There has been a dramatic improvement throughout the world. While we still have much to do, it is important to acknowledge the progress we have made, and this talk does that in a dramatic way.  This is several years old but still relevant. 

The Basic Human Decency Fund by Ms. Steward at How We Do Money

One of the ways we can show our gratitude is by helping others. And the best way to do this is to make giving part of your budget. Ms. Montana at Montana Money Adventures does this with her Giving Fund. I call mine my Micro Philanthropy Fund, and this article suggest setting up a Basic Human Decency fund. Whatever you call it, saving money in advance to use to help others when the need arises is a great idea.

What I Learned About Minimalism in Poland by Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist

This powerful article will remind you of how blessed you are to live in a free and prosperous country, but it will also remind you of the responsibility you have to use your freedom for more than just accumulating possessions.

We See Others’ Failures as Courageous. We See Our Own as Shameful. Why? by Carl “Sketch Guy” Richards at The New York Times

Another great sketch by Carl Richards and a reminder that it is just as important extend grace to ourselves as it is to extend grace to others.

Good Advice vs. Effective Advice by Ben Carlson at Wealth of Common Sense

Effective advice is much harder to give than good advice because effective advice requires truly understanding both the problem and the person you are giving the advice to. What kind of advice to you give?

Free Budget Binder Printable by Paige at Fixing My Finances

If you prefer to keep your budget on old fashioned paper you will enjoy this link. These printable budget pages look great and they are absolutely free.


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