10 Amusing Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen That Also Teach Important Lessons About Money

I am a big fan of cartoons and have been collecting my favorites for many years. I have always been in awe of how a skilled cartoonist can create a simple drawing, add a few words, and make people both laugh and think.  

Since money is a big part of life, and all of us are irrational about money in one way or another, it is not surprising that many cartoonist have found the world of personal finance an abundant hunting ground for material. My favorite cartoons are the ones that are not only funny but also teach an important lesson, and most great money cartoons do both.

Over the next month or two I am going to highlight some of my favorite money cartoons and the talented people who created them. I believe a great cartoon can make any day better. I hope after seeing the work of these talented cartoonists you agree.


Randy Glasbergen was born on February 20, 1957 in Norwich, New York and died much too early on August 11, 2015 at the age of 58. In spite of his relatively short life he had a long and prolific career as a cartoonist. This was because he started his career long before he graduated from high school.

At the tender age of 15, while I was still trying to master dressing and getting myself to school on time, Glasbergen’s cartoons were already being featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal and Reader’s Digest.

Glasbergen lived in a small rural town in New York where he and his wife raised four children. He lived in a creaky old Victorian home that was formerly a boarding house for local school teachers. His studio was on the third floor of his home.

When not creating cartoons he loved spending time with his family, collecting Popeye, Monkees, and GI Joe memorabilia, walking his basset hounds, and watching women’s roller derby.

Here are links to some of my favorite Glasbergen cartoons about money. Clicking on the link will pull up a small thumbnail. If you click on the thumbnail it will open up a larger version. I hope you enjoy these cartoons as much as I do, and as a bonus you will get some powerful reminders about several vital money principles.     

The Brutal Truth About Credit CardsOuch! This one really hits home.

Investing Advice – Investing would be easy if we could predict the future.  Unfortunately, no one can.

The Riskiest Investment StrategyIn the words of John Bogle, “Invest you must…for not investing is an iron-clad formula for failure.”

Why Bulls and Bears? – Now it makes perfect sense.

A Dip in the Market – I can relate!

Beware ComplexityAt this point you should turn and run.

Why Bank Savings Accounts are a Terrible Way to Teach Kids to Save – In the great book The First National Bank of Dad, author David Owen suggests starting your own bank and paying enough interest to get your children’s attention.

A Comfortable Retirement – If it were only that simple!

A Novel Retirement Plan – A bit drastic, but it made me laugh. I think I’ll try something else.

Balance is the key – Sometimes You Should Eat the Marshmallows.

Bonus – Personal Finance 101 – Following the Micawber Principle makes financial progress possible.

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