Micawber’s Favorites – November 4, 2017

Links to several of my favorite recent articles on money and life:

Einstein’s Theory of Happiness by Rachel Siegel at The Washington Post

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you Einstein’s theory of happiness which he wrote on hotel stationary and gave to a hotel employee in place of a tip during a trip to Japan in 1922. Unfortunately, the note will cost you $1.5 million. Fortunately, you can read his “tip” here for free.

Recipe for Financial Independence by Crispy Doc

This was written by a doctor, for doctors, but it has great advice for anyone. It is also very creative and well-written. This is my new favorite recipe.

Don’t Retire To Something. Retire On Something by Physician On Fire

And I thought doctors only wrote prescriptions. Here is another great article by a doctor, this one offering some fun and thought-provoking thoughts on retirement.

One Simple Way to Kick-Start Your Savings by Desirae Odjick at Half Banked

I believe that the key to personal finance is saving, and the key to saving is, when you save money, actually save it! Desirae, at Half Banked, also believes that, and she has written a great article offering advice on how to make it happen.

What’s the Most Cheapskate Thing You’ve Ever Done by Justin at Doubling Dollars

That’s the question Justin asked a bunch of personal finance bloggers and the result is a lot of fun stories. For me it’s eating things from our fridge that probably should be thrown out. I just hate throwing food away. What is it for you?

Accidental Millionaires by Tom Corley at Rich Habits

Luck plays a part in success, but you are much more likely to get lucky if you look for opportunities and are willing to try new things. Corley calls this “Opportunity Luck.” This article contains some great stories about how opportunity and luck combined to create several well-known products.  

3 Rags-To-Riches Stories Everyone Should Know by Chelsea Brennan at Mama Fish Saves

I love history and I love interesting stories. That probably explains why I loved this article. I think you will too.

Utah’s Favorite Author Is… by Herb Scribner at Deseret News

Who is the favorite author in your state? and what does that have to do with personal finance? This map showing the favorite author in each of the 50 states will answer both those questions. I am not sure what Utah’s favorite author says about my home state but I found it interesting.    

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  1. Physician on FIRE
    November 4, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    Thank your for featuring my goofy post. I had some fun with that one.


    • Brent Esplin
      November 4, 2017 at 1:57 pm

      Thanks for writing it. I really enjoyed it.

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