Micawber’s Favorites – July 15, 2017

Here are links to several of my favorite recent articles on personal finance and life. Enjoy:

A Flaming Hot Stock Tip (Straight from My Spam Folder) by Sean S at Sneaky Falcon Enterprises

“I received an email about a month ago that I felt would be selfish – no, downright immoral – of me not to share. When a message with the subject “FDA approval is about to send this stock up fifty fold” comes through my inbox (OK, my spam box), how could I ignore such a hot stock tip. I knew I had to investigate further.”

So begins this entertaining and informative article. I love the way it teaches important lessons on how to avoid financial scams but in such an entertaining way you might not even realize you are learning anything. Great stuff!

What is a House?…And Can It Make You Rich? by The Escape Artist

A house can serve many purposes and buying one can be either a great or terrible financial decision. This article describes some of the many functions houses fill. Understanding these can help you decide if purchasing a house is right for you.

Why You Should Invest, Even in Peak Markets by Chelsea at Mama Fish Saves

The stock markets hit a new all-time high again yesterday. Many experts will tell you that stocks are overvalued and you are better off building up cash and waiting for stocks to come back to earth, as they surely will. This article makes a great case (one that I agree with) for investing anyway.

All the Things I Want to Say About Money But Never Do by Joshua Becker at Becomingminimalist

“You would have more money for the things you want if you stopped foolishly wasting it on other things.”

In a nutshell, that is the message of this article. And since all of foolishly waste money at times, it is a message all of us need to be reminded off.

The Monk Who Left the Monastery to Fix Broken Retirement Plans by Ron Leiber at The New York Times

Doug Lyman has spent his life trying to figure out what God wanted him to accomplish during his time on earth. He tried many things before ending up as a Benedictine monk and school teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As a monk people would often come to him for spiritual advice. Lyman noticed something interesting. Many of those coming to him for spiritual advice also had financial problems. “So I would say, I’ll pray for you, but let’s make a budget. Let’s start paying off student loans. Let’s get the child support you deserve.” This process led Lyman to leave the monastery for what he thinks is his true purpose in life, helping people with their finances.

This is an interesting story about a long and winding journey by a fascinating man to find his unique purpose in life.  The message I learned from this article is that for many of us it is not easy to find our purpose in life, but don’t give up. Keep searching! 

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