My Top 10 Posts of 2016

I appreciate everyone’s support in 2016.  Thanks to loyal readers I was able to grow my blog significantly.  Hopefully I was able to entertain, inform, and motivate you to improve your financial situation. 

I look forward to another fun year sharing the best financial quotes, ideas, and stories with you in 2017 but before we leave 2016 behind here is a list of my top 10 posts from the year.  If you missed any of them please take a few minutes to catch up.  Thanks again for your support.

10 Essential Financial Rules of Thumb

The 10 Smartest Things Ever Said About Debt

Can You Earn Your Way Out of a Spending Problem?

The Secret Keyhole: Unlocking the Door to Happiness

Growing a Prosperous Money Garden

Her Name Was Dottie

Naming Financial Accounts: Would a Rose By Any Other Name, Smell as Sweet?

Back to the Future: Money and Time Travel

The Handful of Pennies Savings Plan

The Expanding Lily Pad: A Retirement Riddle  

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