Micawber’s Favorites – October 21, 2017

Links to several of my favorite recent articles on money and life:

4 Rules for a Financially Successful Relationship by Peter Dunn for USA Today

“You can have a perfectly ‘normal’ childhood, yet still be the product of a financial ignoramus. You likely won’t realize this until you’re well into adulthood. And, when you combine your baggage with your significant other’s baggage, you end up with lots of baggage.”

This article frankly spells out the inevitable challenges of combining finances after a marriage and offers four simple rules that makes success much more likely. Great advice.

This May Be Why You’re Fighting with Your Wife So Much by Meera Jagannathan at Moneyish

Staying with the topic of money and marriage, this article identifies the single biggest mistake husbands make that causes financial conflict in a marriage. And, interestingly, it is identified as the single biggest cause of conflict by both genders.

Can I Afford That Luxury Thing? by Desirae Odjcik at Half Banked

You have a plan. You have been making better decisions. You are making progress financially. You wonder if it is time to treat yourself to that purchase you have been wanting for a while but have putting off. Can you afford it? This great article provides some sensible guidelines.  

To the Person Who Buys Their Lunch Every Day by Alyssa at Mixed Up Money

See if your excuses for eating lunch out can withstand this well-reasoned defense of brown-bagging it.

Dividends: I Love Them and I Cannot Lie by The Side Gig Guru

Everything you need to know about stock dividends in one short, easy to understand article.

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