Micawber’s Favorites – May 6, 2017

Here are three of my favorite recent personal finance articles:

“The Highlight Reelby Ms. Montana at Montana Money Adventures

This article is a great reminder that what we become is much more important than what we own.

“Tooth Fairy Inflation” by NPR’s “Planet Money” Podcast

What does the tooth fairy currently pay for a lost tooth? There is surprisingly good data on this, and if you don’t currently have young children the going rate will probably surprise you. Not only is it high, but it has been increasing recently at the rate of 10% per year, far above the overall inflation rate of under 2%. This article provides the going rate and discusses why tooth fairy inflation is so high. Required reading for parents of young children and interesting for everyone else.

If you would rather listen than read, here is a link to the actual podcast:

“What’s It Worth To You?”

“Knitting Smiles” by Brittany Karford Rogers in BYU Magazine

This is one of my favorite “giving” ideas ever. It is the story of how Holly Willardson Christensen started “The Magic Yarn Project” an organization that makes incredible princess and pirate wigs out of yarn and donates them to children who lost their hair due to chemo. It is an inspiring story and this is a great organization to support with your giving dollars.

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