Micawber’s Favorites – January 13, 2018

Links to several of my favorite recent articles on money and life:

The theme of the articles I have chosen to highlight this week is making your own plan, running your own race, and avoiding comparisons with others.

Avoid the Comparison Trap and Run Your Own Race by Jeff Goins at Goinswriter.com

Social media makes comparing ourselves with everyone else almost inevitable, and there is increasing evidence that this is harmful to our mental well-being. This article offers some interesting thoughts on how to handle this.

How to “Make It to the Top” in Your Career, Without Climbing the Corporate Ladder by Reid at Wealth Rehab

Everybody wants to be successful, but never forget that you get to define your own success. You don’t have to conform to someone else’s idea of success. This article is a great reminder of that important and often ignored principle.

Why We’re On the Slow Route to Early Retirement by Maggie Banks at Northern Expenditure

The FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community often seems engaged in a race to retire as early as possible. As this post reminds us, retiring early should not be our only financial goal, and may not even be our most important financial goal. Make your own plan, run your own race, and live your own life.

Don’t Compare Your Middle to Someone Else’s Beginning at I Dream of Fire

Comparing up can make us feel inadequate, but comparing down comes with its own problems. That is, unless you take the attitude discussed in this article to teach, mentor, and assist those lacking the financial knowledge, skills, and means that you have developed.

Which of These 6 Paths Will You Take in Retirement by Nancy K. Schlossberg for Market Watch

Preparing for retirement involves much more than making sure you have enough money to last. At least as important is what type of life you want to live. This article will provide some interesting food for thought as you think about how to make the most of your post-retirement years.

Planet Money Podcast: Bitcoin Losers (22 Minutes)

I have featured several articles lately about investing in Bitcoin (something I don’t recommend) but this podcast does a better job than anything I have found yet at explaining what Bitcoin is and how it works. And it does this while telling an interesting story about people who lost Bitcoins when they weren’t worth much and are now trying desperately to recover them.

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