Micawber’s Favorites – December 23, 2017 (Christmas Edition)

The 9 Best Toys of All Time Don’t Cost a Thing by Kerry K. Taylor at Squakfox

Have you procrastinated your Christmas shopping? Are you feeling bad because you can’t afford everything you want? This article is for you. It describes the 9 best toys of all time, and I guarantee you can afford all of them. I was smiling and reminiscing all the way through this delightful article.

The White Envelope by Nancy W. Gavin at Becoming Minimalist

A powerful story of love and giving. I shared this last year, but it is definitely worth sharing again. In fact, a think sharing this article might become a Christmas tradition.

The Story of Two Bears by Jillian at Montana Money Adventures

Here is another great giving story by Ms. Montana, who has a talent for making giving an adventure and sharing her experiences with everyone.

What the Insane Circumstances Under Which Dickens Wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’ Reveal About Money, Debt, and Success by Jeremy Olshan at Market Watch

Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors. In fact, my website is named after Wilkins Micawber, a character in Dickens’ novel David Copperfield. This article tells the story about how a financial crisis led Dickens to write A Christmas Carol, which has since become the second most popular Christmas book of all time. And what Christmas book is more popular than Dickens’ ghostly tale? The Bible, of course.

The Twelve Days of FI Christmas Music Video by I Dream of Fire

What could be better than a personal finance version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” staring Lego characters representing popular personal finance bloggers? Not much, which is why I am sharing it with everyone.

Why Holiday Season Nudges Many Charitable Groups Into Hoarding Mode by Lois M. Collins at Deseret News

Charities love the increased donations the Christmas spirit brings this time of year, but they have needs all year long, not just during the holidays. This article is an important reminder that we need to give regularly, not just during the holiday season.

The Power of Kindness this Christmas Season by Patricia Jones at Deseret News

Christmas and kindness are a great combination and here is a wonderful story about both.     

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