Micawber’s Favorites – December 16, 2017

Links to several of my favorite recent articles on money and life. This week’s focus is investing:

Patient Investing Requires a Little Faith by The Analyst at the Monevator

I believe strongly that faith is a vital attribute for successful investing. Faith in a better future for yourself; faith in the world’s economy to continue to grow; and faith that humanity can continue to solve our problems and prosper. While the future doesn’t come with any guarantees, that kind of faith has paid off handsomely in the past and I expect it to continue to do so. This article teaches the concept of investing and faith in a way that I absolutely loved. I think you will too.  

3 Lazy Portfolio Recipes that Make Money by Ramit Sethi at I Will Teach You To Be Rich

The majesty of simplicity is a wonderful thing. In this great article Ramit Sethi provides several real-life model portfolios that are the epitome of simplicity, and they have all performed very well historically.

Don’t Be a Helicopter Investor by SRGO at Some Random Guy Online

One of Vanguard founder John Bogle’s favorite investing rules is “don’t peek.” He tells investors, somewhat tongue in cheek I believe, not to open their quarterly investment statements until they are ready to retire. If you do this he thinks you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find, assuming you have been investing in low-cost index funds. While I don’t think you should never peek at your investments, I think most of us could profit by peeking far less often than we do. That is the point of this well-written article by SRGO.

How To Invest at All-Time Highs by Ben Carlson at Wealth of Common Sense

The markets closed at another all-time high yesterday, which has been a regular occurrence this year. This long, steady climb has been great for portfolio values but it also has people worried. This can’t continue forever, and a bear market or correction gets closer with each month of positive returns. So how should you invest when markets are at all-time highs? As always, Ben Carlson provides some common sense advice that is hard to beat.

A Nobel-Winning Economist’s Thoughts on Bitcoin by Rob Wile at Money magazine

We had a couple of articles last week on investing in Bitcoin. Before we move on here are some thoughts by Nobel-winning economist Robert Shiller on the topic.

The Asset Allocation of Index Funds by The Biglaw Investor

This article looks under the hood of index funds at what is actually going on. It specifically looks at how different types of index funds weight the companies that comprise the index differently. This is good information to have when picking out index funds

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