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Great Advice About Cars From a Popular New Orleans Rapper

I don’t usually get my financial advice from rappers, but Dee-1, a popular New Orleans rapper, has it figured out when it comes to cars.  As I wrote about in an earlier post, spending too much on a car is one of the quickest ways to destroy your chance for financial success.  Cars don’t define us, and most of us spend far too much money trying to impress others.  Save some money and concentrate on things that really matter.

Here is a great video with Dee-1 talking about the car he drives, and why he doesn’t upgrade.  Don’t let the “Parental Advisory” at the start stop you from watching.  I didn’t find any reason for it in the video.  Great advice and very entertaining:


Can You Earn Your Way Out of a Spending Problem?

Most of us believe that all our financial problems would disappear if we could simply make more money. Is this true? Keynes’ Prediction In 1930 John Maynard Keynes, perhaps the most famous and celebrated economist ever, wrote an essay entitled “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren”. In this essay Keynes made a prediction of what life…